Retired teacher continues teaching through children’s books

Before retiring in 2015, Anne Marie Wolfe taught kindergarten through sixth grade at Freedom 7 Elementary School in Cocoa Beach, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Cocoa Beach and Roy Allen Elementary School in Melbourne.

“Teaching was a 25-year adventure,” she said.

Wolfe brings that wealth of experience into her new adventure of writing children’s books.

Her first book, “Santa Has Retired,” ponders what would happen if Santa left the North Pole for sunny Florida.

Wolfe’s second release, “P … Jamming,” shows how fourth-graders Pammy, Patty and Penny attempt to change their school’s dress code by staging a peaceful protest and wearing their pajamas to class.

The book is a tangible result of Wolfe and collaborator/illustrator Ava Bogle pooling their time and talent during the pandemic.

“I was inspired to write this when I saw how much students loved wearing their pajamas to school for fun reward days,” Wolfe said.

At a sleepover, the girls designate the letter P, a VIP (Very important P.) They eat food that starts with P and play games that begin with it. Pizza, popcorn and pretzels are on the menu. Paper dolls and a piñata provide entertainment.

But the friends learn there are consequences for breaking the rules.

“This teaches children to solve problems with positive outcomes,” Wolfe said.

How this all works out is one of the life lessons woven into the story.

“The book is ideal for children in grades K through 6 and an easy reader that will enhance reading in all grades,” Wolfe said. “Older students can buddy read with younger students. Kid-hearted adults who love wearing their pajamas will also enjoy the story. It is the first in a series about boys and girls who love wearing their pajamas everywhere.”

Wolfe spoke of the satisfaction she derives from reading her books to students in classrooms and sharing her work on radio talk shows.

“By explaining the lessons in my books, I believe I am contributing to future generations,” she said.

Wolfe’s books are available at