Senior Life and Boomer Guide garnered multiple awards for excellence in journalism from the North American Mature Publishers Senior Association.

The awards were announced at the NAMPA annual convention in San Diego, California. Senior Life and Boomer Guide, publications of the Bluewater Creative Group, have consistently received some of the top spots among publications in North America.

“We are very pleased to receive these awards,” said Jill Blue, the CEO of Bluewater Creative Group. “It is always good to have our team’s work recognized.”

Blue pledged to continue to strive to bring the best for the publications’ readers and advertisers.

The awards are —

Special Section:

First place — Senior Life

Judges comments: “This spread on the senior games is engaging and well engineered. It introduces readers to some impressive people and contains a lot of information without being overwhelming.”

Annual Senior Resource Guide or Directory:

First place — 2021 Boomer Guide 

Judges comments: “…goes above and beyond in providing details.”

Feature Writing:

Third place — Van Riper’s Six-String Time Machine

George White, Boomer Guide

Judges comments: “Credit the writer for understanding that taking advantage of the musician’s voice would reveal a great deal about him and added a rich dimension to the profile.”

Front cover (photo):

First Place — 2021 Boomer Guide

Staff photographer Adam Palumbo

Judges comment: “The light on the subject is technically superb, and the clothing is fun. The tilt of the head and peace sign gesture make the subject look as if they are part of the Woodstock legacy. An appropriate font frames the subject on this entertaining, colorful cover.”

Second place — Senior Life Nov. 2021

Staff photographer Adam Palumbo

Judges comments: “Photograph of weightlifter Dan Adovasio demands attention.”

Annual Senior Resource Guide or Directory Design:

Second place — 2021 Boomer Guide

Judges comment: “Stellar design begins with a humorous, well-executed cover photograph, surrounded by stylized teases. Color-coding helps organize content into easy-to-find sections. Fun articles about the 60s and 70s break up helpful listings for local seniors.

Feature Layout:

Second place — 2021 Boomer Guide “A Cool Slice of 1967.”

Judges: “Printed on magazine-size pages, this double truck plus one captures the feel of the classic 1967 VW bus. The use of a full-page photo in black-and-white emphasizes the age of the bus. The color photos bring this display up to date.”

Best Single Ad Design ­— Color:

First place — Senior Life, Art Gallery of Viera, Mask Exhibition Judges: “What. A. Photograph. The colors practically pop off the page. The subject’s searing stare and layered hodgepodge of masks create an illusionary fantastical feel. The large, bold headline leaves no doubt about what is being promoted and the white-on-black text delivers a clear, informative call to action. The perfect balance and excellent use of color make it one of the best ads in the contest.”