Wizard of Oz museum set to open in Cape Canaveral

A collection of vintage book covers featuring the Wizard of Oz will be on display at the Wizard of Oz museum in Cape Canaveral.


You won’t need to go somewhere over the rainbow to experience the magic of the south’s only Wizard of Oz museum.

A Wizard of Oz museum is set to open in Cape Canaveral by late October. Here, guests can journey down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her beloved friends while exploring Oz’s early days as a best-selling children’s book series.

The museum’s owner, Fred Trust, first began as a collector of the Oz book series, which were written by L. Frank Baum between 1900 and 1920. His collection has grown to more than 2,000 pieces from the Wizard of Oz franchise, including posters, trading cards, props, toys, games and life-size replicas. Trust said much of the memorabilia will be organized in the museum by decade and character.

“I started buying the books for reading purposes to my kids. And then I started collecting them,” Trust said.

There is currently one other Wizard of Oz museum in the world and it’s located in Wamego, Kansas. Trust has donated some of his collectibles to the original museum, but it was always his dream to open his own.

One aspect to set the Cape Canaveral Wizard of Oz museum apart is an immersive experience that will be included in the admission price. Guests will get to walk through several rooms with projected scenes from the 1939 film and originally designed scenes inspired by the Oz books. Another few rooms will offer guests an immersive experience inside the paintings of Vincent van Gogh as projectors display moving images on the walls, floor and ceiling set to music.

“We hear references to the Wizard of Oz in everyday life. It’s embedded in American culture,” Trust said about the appeal of the franchise.

Trust expects the museum to be a hotspot for tourists coming on cruises from Port Canaveral.

“This will be an attraction you won’t want to miss,” Trust said. “I hope the museum encourages people to stay an extra day in town and bring business to nearby hotels and restaurants.”

Trust said tickets are projected to cost around $65 for non-residents and $35 for Florida residents. The museum is located at 7099 N Atlantic Ave. in Cape Canaveral.