More than 200 people listened to Stories of Service today at a Veterans Day ceremony outside at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center.

“When we planned this, we decided to focus on veterans that were in the trenches at certain periods,” said Donn Weaver, chairman of the Brevard Veterans Center and vice president of the Brevard Veterans Council. “We call it Stories of Service. This is a different approach.”

Veterans who served during different wars and conflicts told brief stories of their experiences.

George Rosenfield, a veteran of World War II and Korea, recounted some of his experiences, at times drawing laughter and a standing ovation.

“We did such a good job in Italy that we were volunteered for Japan,” he said.

In previous years, Veterans Day ceremonies at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center has drawn up to 500 people, but this year the crowd was much smaller. Because of the pandemic, chairs were spread out in the parking lot in front of the center to follow CDC guidelines.

Duran Golf Club honored the veterans among its players with a short ceremony before league play Wednesday.

About half of the 75 players in the league gathered for the ceremony are veterans.

“Flags are out on the 9th and 18th hole,” said Matt Morrison, head golf professional at the club who has been at Duran 10 years. “It’s a good chance to honor our veterans.”

Anita Rigsbee sang the National Anthem at the ceremony around the flagpole outside the club.

“It was a great honor to sing here,” she said. “It was such a nice crowd and a great day to honor veterans.”