Automatic home generator offers powerful ‘peace of mind’

Brian Ashworth, president of BSA Enterprises, right, shows Indian River Colony Club resident Chuck Cox some of the inner workings of his Briggs & Stratton Automatic Standby Generator.

In the aftermath of a hurricane or event that knocks out power, people will be scrambling to get their lights on and their appliances working again.

But for some, a computer built into their whole-house generator will automatically switch the electricity back on almost seamlessly.

A Briggs and Stratton Standby Generator is one such generator that would do the job of keeping the lights on while others struggle with the outages that often come with major storms.

Indian River Colony Club residents Chuck and Suzanne Cox wanted that seamless switch to a standby generator, so they had one installed for their home in August 2020.

“It was really important for us to find a system that worked for us,” said Chuck Cox, a retired U.S. Army officer. “But more importantly, I wanted my wife taken care of. It’s given us peace of mind.”

They got their generator through BSA Enterprises/BSA Power Solutions of Fort Lauderdale, a family-owned and operated company since 1992. The family dealt with Brian Ashworth, the president of BSA Enterprises/BSA Power Solutions, which opened a Suntree-area location about two years ago.

“We checked out some of the other vendors, but none of them had the right answers like Brian did,” Cox said. “Most of the other vendors would only give a seven-year warranty. Brian’s company gave us a 10-year warranty for all parts and labor.”

Ashworth said the 20-kilowatt Briggs & Stratton Automatic Standby Generator with an underground 500-gallon propane

tank is a perfect fit for any medium to large home.

“More and more people are working at home because of C0VID-19,” Ashworth said. “Our standby generator powers all of a home’s electrical needs easily and automatically. It keeps your family safe, comfortable and free from the stress that comes from power outages.”

Ashworth explained a special feature of the rust-free aluminum standby generator is that its computer turns on the generator when the power goes off and manages the distribution of power to your selected appliances automatically.

He said the system can run at least 10 days (the equivalent of 500 gallons of propane or 400 gallons of fuel). Since installing the system, Cox said he has lost power three times. “The system kicked on automatically,” he said. “We never were without power.”

The generator costs about $5,600. Costs to install the generator and a 500-gallon propane tank can be about $14,500. Installation prices can range up to $12,000 if a customer’s residence has natural gas.

Ashworth said he has installed seven generators at IRCC.

“With more and more people working and schooling from home and the high demand for generators nationally, don’t wait,” he said. “We offer free estimates for anyone interested.”

For more information about BSA Enterprises,

go to or call 321-345-1133.