Cellphone data backup critical, methods convenient

In today’s society of technology and digital media, cellphones are a common staple in people’s lives and a door to the world.

It offers quick and easy access to information, a convenient way of staying in contact with friends and family, and a virtual library of your own information and memories.

Your cellphone does a lot to keep you connected and informed.

So, how important is it to back up your phone data?

WeLiveSecurity.com had a strong stance on the subject. “Regardless of which kind of device you have, the best practice is to have multiple backups of your data so that in case you lose your phone or one of your backups gets corrupted, you’ll have an extra one to fall back on.”

Jay Wooten, the president of Visual Dynamics, also stressed the importance of people backing up cellphone data.

“Of course, it’s critical,” he said. “They risk losing everything.”

Physical damage, theft or device failure are all factors that risk you losing important documents, contacts and photos permanently.

There are several ways to back up your phone. In the case of phones connected to Apple and iOS, iCloud is a secure way to make sure your data is protected.

“Apple offers a variety of ways to back up data,” Wooten said. “iCloud is available. Very simple to do, very straightforward.”

Other options, such as Dropbox or backing up your phone’s data to your home computer or laptop, also serve to keep your information safe.

Even though these different methods of backing up data are readily available, those who are not especially technically capable might feel lost in how to use them.

In cases like iCloud, the steps to using it are easily accessed through your phone’s settings. Dropbox offers similar easy-to-follow instructions.

Steps to using your computer to save data can be found on websites such as WeLiveSecurity.com. Cellphone and electronic repair stores such as Visual Dynamics are available to assist with the process.

“We are happy to help,” Wooten said. “They are welcome to stop by.”