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Smart eye glasses technology allow users to take photos and videos with fashionable eyewear.

Suppose you could take a photo simply by touching a small button near the temple on the stem of your eyeglasses?

That technology is available today and is growing quickly, with several eyeglass cameras from which to choose. Expect to see more people wearing them this summer.

Camera glasses look like ordinary eyeglasses or sunglasses but have tiny camera lenses that take photos in the direction the user is looking. Some have cameras that are readily visible, while others are less conspicuous. Some, like Ray Ban, have a small light that indicates when it is recording a video.

Some smart eyeglass cameras allows the user to put the eyeglasses down, leave it behind and still see on a smartphone the images it captures.

Ray Ban sunglass cameras charge in a case, which is charged with a USB cable. A switch on the inner side of the left arm turns the camera on and off. The user can take a photo through touch control, or how about just saying: “Hey Facebook, take a photo” or “Hey Facebook, take a video.”

The Ray-Ban Stories camera glasses came about in a partnership between Ray Ban, which is part of EssilorLuxottica and Meta’s Facebook division.

Its smart camera, which has a lens that is not very noticeable, can take videos of up to one minute and still photos.

Ray-Ban Stories include a dual-integrated 5MP camera to capture photos and videos, open-ear speakers and a three-microphone audio array.

The Ray-Ban camera glasses sell for a starting price of about $300. It is also available in prescription, polarized and transition at additional cost.

There are several brands of smart glasses on the market.

Smart camera glasses might just be an item to take on vacation or day trips. It might not replace your smartphone camera but is a good addition.

The smart glasses uses Bluetooth to connect to smartphones.