From wireless speakers to pacemakers, Bluetooth is everywhere

What’s a Bluetooth?

It is everywhere in electronic devices. It’s in just about every new consumer electronic device. Or so it seems.

There are Bluetooth speakers, which have been common for years. Take your Bluetooth connected speaker outside, turn on music from your phone or tune in to a radio station.

But there also are Bluetooth thermostats, Bluetooth record players, headsets, sound bars for televisions, computer keyboards and mouse, and even a pacemaker that can provide vital health information. And the list goes on.

It has become so common that some might not even think about it or how similar devices were used without Bluetooth only a few years ago. Remember the earphones with wires or having to run cables outside if you wanted music on the patio?

Now you can ask Siri to pull up a map, find a restaurant or send a text message in many of the newer vehicles on the road today. Once the vehicle is connected to your phone you can even send and receive text messages just by voice command and never have to touch the phone.

Bluetooth devices are manufactured by many companies.

So, what is Bluetooth and how does it work?

It is a communication standard for short-range, usually a maximum of 30 feet, wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.

“Any device you buy today that is going to communicate with other devices is probably powered by Bluetooth,” said Seth Headley, an information technology consultant in Viera.

Someone can answer their iPhone on their Apple watch if the phone is nearby.

In fact, some people have applications set up where they can control wireless devices in their home — smart refrigerators, earbuds or their car. It also connects your wireless keyboard and mouse to your computers.

Headley said almost any device that is connected wirelessly has some security risks of others being able to tap into your data, especially with older devices. However, security improvements are constantly being made.