Outlet covers doubling as night lights easy to install

Wall plate lighting is a simple and convenient way to add night lights to your home.

You get up in the middle of the night and turn on the light, which leaves you momentarily blinded by its brightness.

That’s where a night light comes in. Just plug it into the outlet and it gives you just enough light to guide your footsteps through the dark.

Usually that would mean using up that outlet space or having an electrician wire a special night light.

If you must use those existing outlets, or have other important things plugged into the outlets, then maybe an LED night light wall plate cover is the answer.

Outlet cover night lights do not need wiring or batteries. You simply replace the outlet cover with the special cover nightlight, which has small LED lights built into the bottom of the cover.

They install over the existing covers.

The night lights are small and located at the bottom on the outlet cover and will not interfere with the outlet.

The night light plates look almost identical to the regular outlet covers. The back of the plates have prongs or contacts that connect to get power from the side posts of the outlet.

Install by removing the old outlet cover and replacing it with the new night light outlet cover. Turn off power to the outlet before installing.

Some of the lights come with a control for the brightness.

They are available at Home Depot, Lowe’s and by ordering online at amazon.com or at snappower.com.

SnapPower also has an outlet cover with USB charging ports. Installation is just as easy as with the night light — remove the outlet cover and install the new one. Your overnight guests will appreciate this as they struggle to charge their phone or iPad.

The night light plates also are good for the top and bottom of stairways, hallways, guest rooms and bathrooms. They also are effective in kitchen back splashes.

Garages, man-cave sheds, outdoor walkways, lanais and swimming pools also are suitable places for the new technology.

Putting one in above the cat litter box also might be appreciated by an older cat. Or, the finicky kitten.

Colors vary in light tones, so purchase them with the flexibility to use in different parts of the house.

The days of stubbing a toe on a piece of furniture or tripping over the old dog or cat should come to an end.

Outlet cover night lights don’t always work in older homes. Be sure to ask if the product can be returned.

Sometimes, the light will shine side to side or upward instead of down. If that’s the case, it’s ground prong down, light shines down.