Space Coast Ophthalmology opens in Titusville

Ophthalmologist Dr. Nick Pefkaros prides himself on treating his employees right.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Nick Pefkaros has established a private practice in Titusville with an objective to grow and cater more fully to his new and established patients by providing quality health care.

"Since I donned my white coat 15 years ago, I have always dreamed of my own practice," Pefkaros said. "I think of my patients as my extended family and want them treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. For the years I have worked as an employee for other medical practices, I have been very limited as to what I can do to achieve my goals of offering the highest quality health care possible. As a practice owner/operator, I can and will move this practice in that direction.

"I have the control of how my staff is compensated and also can control the way the practice is run," Pefkaros said of his Space Coast Ophthalmology office. "They (staff) are extensions of me and deserve much of the accolades we receive. They also deserve a professional working environment and higher salaries. We are a team and in a team the sum is much greater than the individual parts."

"I study very hard to keep up to date on the newest medical practices and not rely on practices taught to me in medical school decades ago," Pefkaros said. "I do this to bring the 21st century medical care to our community and I know my patients appreciate it."

Pefkaros performed his residency in ophthalmology at Wills Hospital after graduating from Jefferson Medical College. Both are located in Philadelphia. As chief of ophthalmology at Irwin Army Community Hospital at Fort Riley, Kan., where he held the rank of major, Pefkaros performed thousands of refractive and cataract surgeries. He also is certified in using laser in surgical procedures, has performed a high volume of retina medical procedures and performs lid, lacrimal, muscle and glaucoma surgeries.

"The fear of losing vision is real and scary," Pefkaros said. "One of the main reasons I went into ophthalmology is the realization of how dependent we are on the sense of sight. I know we make a difference every day in preserving sight for our county and look forward to working with more members of our community."

An optician is on staff along with seven other employees at Space Coast Ophthalmology, 1832 Garden St., Titusville. For information, call 321-267-0008 or go to the practice’s website at