Two tournaments in the past month and a half drew top golfers in the Viera East Men’s Golf Association.

The first two-week tournament was the VEMA Cup with 62 golfers, 31 teams divided into handicaps. The two-week VEMA Cup tournament featured a scramble format the first Thursday and a best ball or lowest team score on the following Thursday. The top teams with ties for first and third places were:

Flight A and C: first, Robbie Rosenberger and Frank Westwell tied with Mike Piccininni and Bob Gustavson; third-place teams tied were Al Foppiano and Allen Starcher, Bill Scholtens and Craig Smith, Randy Sweaney and Robert Downey.

Flight B/D: first, David Jensen and David Horst; two-way tie for second, John Moriarty and Tom Walker with John McComas and Gary Baxter.

Bill Hall was closest-to-the-pin from the sky tees on No. 4. Ed Raleigh from the green tees on No. 4. Bruce Schwanda (sky tees) and Bill Scholtens (green tees) were closest on No. 7.

Larry Henris (sky tees) and David Horst (green tees) were closest to the pin on No. 13. Schwanda (sky tees) and Horst (green tees) on No. 16.

In the Masters Tournament, players performed individually and were grouped in one of four flights. On Day One, the top three players in each flights were:

Flight A: first, Al Foppiano; second, Gene Quirk; third, Jim Kopliner.

Flight B: first-place tie, John McComas and Mark Hughes; third-place tie, Tim Brown and Randy Sweany.

Flight C: first-place tie, Jeff Jaskiewicz and Bob Gustavson; third-place tie, Ben Herrman and Danny Barrios.

Flight D: first, Tom Walker; second, Kerin Vetter; third, Allen Satcher, Greg Humble and Glen Tarsha.

Tony Hines (sky blue tees) and John Moriarty (green tees) were closest-to-the-pin on No. 4. Dale Ziegler (sky blue tees) and Simon Cole (green tees) were closest-to-the-pin on No. 7.

Schwanda (sky blue tees) and Jim Kopliner (green tees) were closest-to-the-pin on No. 13. Allen Satcher (sky blue tees) and Robinson (green tees) were closest-to-the-pin on No. 16.

Kopliner won Flight A of the final round of VEMA’s Masters Tournament. Mark Palace won Flight B, Marc Brown claimed Flight C and Tom Walker won Flight D.

The four flight winners will compete against each other for the coveted green jacket.

Glen Tarsha and Freddie Baltazar were closest-to-the-pin on No. 4, Wilson Butler and Kenneth Conrad on No. 7, Allen Stacher and Al Foppiano on No. 13, and Craig Smith on No. 16.