Hurst appreciates Holy Trinity tournament honor

Vicky Hurst tees up a shot on the 18th hole at Suntree Country Club.

Vicky Hurst feels like there is still plenty of good golf ahead of her.

That’s why the former Holy Trinity star is out on the Symetra Tour, trying to work her way back to regular status on the LPGA Tour after dealing with a wrist injury that had a big impact on her career.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old’s legacy continues to live on at her old high school, which hosted the Vicky Hurst Holy Trinity Golf Tournament at Suntree Country Club last month to help raise money for the school’s 41 athletic teams.

“It’s such an honor to be part of Holy Trinity and to have my name on the event. It’s very humbling,” Hurst said by phone from California, where she was preparing for a tournament.

“Holy Trinity gave me so much when I was in high school and even when I started my career.”

A 2008 graduate, Hurst began her pro career when she was just 17 years old and qualified for full LPGA playing status in 2009.

She has 10 career top 10 finishes on the LPGA Tour and has won eight Symetra Tour titles, the last coming at the 2018 Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women’s Classic at the Links at Stoney Point in Greenwood, South Carolina.

It’s been a long road back for Hurst, who started having issues with her wrist in 2013 but didn’t take time off.

“I tried to play tournaments on a bad wrist, so my golf game went down pretty quickly,” she said. “It’s hard enough to compete at the highest level when you’re in your best physical health. Trying to do it on a bad wrist was just a bad idea.”

Though Hurst is usually a very positive person, there were times when she admittedly lost her confidence. Rather than give up, she stuck with it and now feels much better about the state of her health and current golf game.

Her mother, who was once her caddie, still lives in the area. Hurst said she still spends a lot of time here in the offseason.

“I feel good,” Hurst said. “It’s funny because with my wrist injury, my swing changed a lot. It’s kind of like having to rebuild a whole new golf swing and a whole new golf game because my body can’t do what it did when I was 20. But I feel good. I have a great coach, Scott Hamilton. We’ve been making some necessary changes.

“I feel like I’ve got some really good golf ahead of me. I’m just working on getting in the groove of the season and going out there and playing and not worrying about swing changes or injuries or anything like that.”