Inside the ropes at VEMA - August 2016

Dick May

This month and for the following couple of months, we will feature a few of our Viera East Men’s Golf Association members.

Each has an interesting story. There are many to choose from, so the article can be of any of our members.

As we approach football season beginning in August, this month’s feature is about one of our members who played for one of the most famous college football coaches in the history of the game. 

Dick May is from the New York area and considered several scholarship offers to play football in his home state of New York. However, he wanted to move away from the area and chose Alabama to play football. May found out that Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant was leaving Texas A&M for Alabama, which was the coach’s alma mater. 

May was a linebacker on the 1958 and 1959 varsity squads. When he tore his ACL, his football career ended. Bryant went on to coach 25 years at Alabama and during his tenure won six national titles. 

On July 14, we had 24 players comprising six teams and used the Stableford scoring method to determine the results of competitive play. The first place team consisted of Dennis Lamb, Freddie Baltazar, David Horst and John Gulla. There was a tie for second place with the team of Larry Hutker, Raj Patel, William Oakley and David Hill tying the second place team of Mike Schmitt, Dale Zeigler, Jim Donnelly and Warren Powell. 

Closet-to-the-pin winners were Dennis Lamb at No. 4, Jim Alt at No. 7, Warren Powell at No. 13, and Jim Donnelly on

No. 16.

VEMA plays competitions every Thursday at the Viera East Golf Course. VV 

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