Viera's Derek Galluzzi (No. 24) celebrates with Brody Vogel (No. 4) and Kami Potts after the latter two scored runs in a District 2 Juniors All-Star baseball tournament. The Viera Suntree Little League won the district and section titles to advance to the state tournament. Overall, four VSLL All-Star teams won district titles this summer.

The softball programs were dominant, and the baseball programs showed plenty of promise.

All in all, it was a pretty good summer for the Viera Suntree Little League All- Stars as they took part in the District 2 tournaments held at Max K. Rodes Park in West Melbourne.

Of the seven teams entered in the postseason by the VSLL, four of them went on to win district championships and two of them advanced all the way to the state tournament.

“Viera Suntree Little League is very happy with that success,” VSLL president Nick Galluzzi said. “Four district titles and (two) sectionals … we can build on that.”

Viera softball teams swept the three tournaments they played in this summer.

The 8-10 team managed by Dan Smith won the District 2 title. Those players included: Jordynn Angier, Isla Clark; Jessalyn Jordan; Klara Latham; Cara Main; Morgan McNulty; Victoria Olson; Rachel Paul; Malorie Reilly; Colette Richardson; Bella Smith; Serafinna Worden and Shea Young.

District title No. 2 belonged to the VSLL Majors softball team, which also won gold and advanced to the sectional round.

Manager Kevin Vega’s squad included: Gracen Baker; Lydia Dexter; Allison Drake; Camryn Glennon; Evie Martin; Camilia McKenzie; Evelyn Peirce; Caleigh Schmoll; Olivia Smith; Arianna Vega and Alexandra Zgonc.

The VSLL Juniors, meanwhile, not only won the district title, they won the Section 2 championship for manager Mike Worden as well. That put Viera into the state tournament, where it went 1-2.

Members of that team included: Isabella Barrera; Lindsey Daly; Harlowe Doolittle; Sara Fentress; Aleecia Johnson; Addyson Maxwell; Kaitlyn Peedin; Molly Peters; Sophie Reilly; Haley Rogers and Valentinna Worden.

“Our girl’s program is doing real well,” Galluzzi said. “Mike Worden, who’s heading that up, is doing a real good job. These girls want to come back and be stronger next year.”

While VSLL softball was dominating, it was Galluzzi’s Juniors baseball team that won both district and section titles on the way to a spot in the state tournament.

That team was made up of: Zak Al-Arashi; Kian Crockett; Nick Cunningham; Luca Bongiovi; Nathan Burrus; Dominic Deligato; Kayden Dougherty; Derek Galluzzi; Brady Jensen; Brady Kearns; Kami Potts; Owen Stacharczyk; Brody Vogel and Blaine Werkeiser.

The other three VSLL baseball teams still had a good summer.

The 8-10 baseball team, managed by Matt Scott, was made up of: Dominic Cerqua; Cooper Combs; Liam Ireland; Bryce Martin; Owen McMullin; Orion Miller; Blake Minarik; Grady Nowells; Owen Roszkowiak; Noah Scott; Mike Stuker; Brody Thomas and Lorenzo Vega.

The 9-11 baseball team, managed by Kevin Stoner, included: Brayden Duquette; Jaxon Hayes; Jensen Jones; Dylan Lee; Thomas Lunsford; Joshua McFarlin; Luca McKenzie; Connor Purvis; Kaden Stoner; Trace Tomas; Justin Virsik and Ryan Walker.

Lastly, Mark Huffman’s VSLL majors team featured: Bronson Chodachek; Rogan Crockett; Dylan Hardin; Ryan Hissam; Jaedon Lawton; Killian Lea; Peyton Maxwell; Sergio Prieto; Mark Roman; Brady Spratt and R.J. Wright.

“They’re young … young talent,” Nick Galluzzi said. “In time, I expect them to be right where we are as well.”.