The Brevard County Commission voted 4-1 to reopen beach parking at county parks.

"I think we need to get the ball rolling," said County Commissioner Curt Smith, who made the motion for the commission vote.

County Commission Chairman Bryan Lober cast the dissenting vote.

"It’s not the residents that I’m worried will misbehave. It’s the folks that are coming here that don’t live here that don’t have any other options," Lober said.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey spoke at the meeting in favor of the measure.

"My position is it’s time to open our county parks along the beaches," Ivey said. "It’s time to open our county parking that we’re responsible for."

The Brevard County Commission also discussed the idea that the county will be in league with "Step 1" of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ re-opening plans that he announced Wednesday. 

 "I have a lot of people asking me for the ability to get back into the library," Commissioner Rita Pritchett said.

"I believe that we need to follow the governor’s orders," added Commissioner Kristine Isnardi.

Lober expressed caution with respect to various portions of the county.

"I still think that whatever we do needs to be driven by data," Lober said. "...I don’t want to do a blanket re-open when we still have concerns."

Lober and Ivey are slated to be part of a meeting of the Brevard County Policy Group on Friday morning in Viera that will in part discuss the commission’s vote.

"Our citizens have been great in response to this," Ivey said. "They have done what we have asked of them for the most part. They are recognizing the importance of this. They are recognizing that we control our own destiny and that if we follow the CDC guidelines and we do the things that we’re supposed to do, we’ll continue to not only go through Phase 1 but be able to get to Phase 2 and eventually out of this.