The 10th Annual ABC (Applauding Brevard’s Champions) Awards, presented by Community Credit Union and hosted by Brevard Schools Foundation (BSF), will be held the week of Jan. 25, in a 4-night virtual livestream event that is open to the community.

During this annual celebration of education, Brevard Public Schools will honor the winners of their top awards including: Teacher of the Year (TOY), Employee of the Year (EOY), Administrators of the Year, Volunteers of the Year and Brevard Schools Foundation Awards of Distinction. Two categories recognizing educators who are relatively new to the profession are also included in the celebration: Rookie Teachers of the Year and Emerging Teachers of the Year.

“Even though we cannot host a large in-person event this year due to COVID, we are delighted to share the celebration via a series of livestreams so that our entire community can help us honor the everyday heroes who are dedicated and passionate about preparing our students for the future,” said Janice Kershaw, president/CEO, Brevard Schools Foundation. “More than ever, we applaud their inspiring commitment to the education.”

The multi-night event will feature the following schedule of virtual events. Each night will highlight an awards category:

7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 25

Preview of Administrators of the Year

Rookie Teachers of the Year

Emerging Teachers of the Year

7 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 26

Preview of Volunteers of the Year (student, adult, senior)

Brevard Schools Foundation Awards of Distinction

Employees of the Year

7 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 27

Preview of Teachers of the Year

7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 28

ABC Awards Ceremony and announcement of winners of Teacher and Employee of the Year

The public is invited to tune-in each night and join the celebration virtually. The events will be broadcast via Facebook Live and YouTube. For details on how to view visit