Children are all business at Viera fair

Amelia Dailey, 13, talks with visitors checking out her macramé creations during the Brevard Children’s Business Fair on Oct. 2 at The Avenue Viera.

Jersie Ramos of Melbourne has been making bath salts since she first created a batch as party favors for her eighth birthday.

On Saturday, a now 12-year-old Jersie was pitching her Halloween-themed “Jersie’s Fizzies” products from under a tent as one of about 80 young entrepreneurs ages 6 to 16 showcasing their homemade goods and services during the third Brevard Children’s Business Fair at The Avenue Viera.

“These are ‘Witches Cauldrons,’” the Holy Trinity student explained, holding up a bath salt wrapped in plastic. “You dip them under the water and they fizz out like a witches cauldron and they have a special Halloween surprise on the inside.”

The free annual event has grown from about 25 entrants in 2018, and 50 in 2019, said Nora McFarland, the fair’s executive director. All young vendors submitted an application and were entered into a competition where their business concept, products or services and booth were reviewed by a panel of judges.

“They had to tell us what they’re making in advance, how much it cost them and how much they’re going to charge, as well as where are they getting the funds for their business, how they intend to repay those funds and how are they going to measure success,” she said. “So it is an educational experience.”

Items for sale included crafts, jewelry, clothing and tasty treats for people and pets. Youngsters made all the products themselves and sold their items without assistance from parents at the event.

“Children are more experimental and more daring and they just come up with these unique things,” McFarland said. “And then we’re like, ‘Why didn’t an adult think of that and sell it at their farmer’s market?’ ”

Amelia Dailey, 13, enjoyed a steady stream of visitors at her tent, where she displayed her macramé creations. Formerly of Vero Beach, Amanda and her family traveled from their new home in Texas to Viera for the fair.

“I just saw it somewhere and I really liked it and I decided to try it,” Amanda said of macramé, which she’s been doing for three years. “I find a lot of teens like it because they’re moving out and they want home decor and I feel like this is perfect.”

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