All benefits-eligible associates granted additional paid time off in honor of their work and dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As the nation, state, and Brevard community all begin to steadily (but cautiously) emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, leadership at Health First have long been planning how to appropriately thank our associates for their dedication and steadfast commitment.

Today, Health First has recognized its associate’s dedication with the gift of ‘time’ through paid time off for both full-time and part-time associates - to catch up on much needed rest and relaxation, visit family and friends, or just get out and re-engage with the world around us.     

“The words ‘thank you’ will never be enough. And the word ‘unprecedented’ has been often appropriately used throughout the pandemic. This challenging time for our country and organization is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced,” said Paula Just, Health First Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer. “At a time when our community needed us the most, they rose to that occasion. We have immense gratitude for their care, compassion, and selflessness. Our leadership team has thought long and hard about how to appropriately thank them. What greater gift than the gift of time … to recapture a little bit of lost time?”

Depending upon their job status and employment tenure, Health First associates have been given up to 40 hours additional Paid Time Off. 

“Every person in our organization has a story and has played a role in supporting our community this past year, and it truly took every single one of them coming together in incredible ways for us to be successful,” Just continued. 

“We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all they do. We are stronger, better, together because of them, and we hope they will enjoy, re-energize, make new memories and a brighter tomorrow because of this opportunity.”