Hudkins voted Viera High Teacher of the Year; Voges wins Employee of the Year honor

Karrah Hudkins (left) and Danielle Voges were named Viera High's Teacher of the Year and Employee of the Year Wednesday morning.

It’s one thing to be named Teacher of the Year. But Viera High’s Karrah Hudkins now has the honor of winning the honor twice … at two different scools.

Danielle Voges, meanwhile, has made quite an impression after coming to the school 1 ½ years ago. The school’s secretary was named Viera High’s Employee of the Year Wednesday morning.

“It means a lot. I come and I do my job and help out doing what I’m doing,” Voges said. “It makes me feel good that people appreciate me like that and feel the way that they do.”

Voges previously worked in the medical field before spending two years at a school in South Florida before coming to Brevard.

Hudkins, meanwhile, has been teaching for 24 years at Merritt Island, Space Coast and now Viera. She was named Teacher of the Year at Space Coast in 2014, one year before coming to Viera where she teaches English 2 and 4 Honors and Yearbook, which is Journalism 2-5.

“It hasn’t hit me. I didn’t even think about it that way,” Hudkins said of winning the honor at two different schools.

“I just come and do my job and what I think is necessary for the kids. It’s the reason I’m here.”

Viera High principal Sarah Robinson, who made the announcement Wednesday morning during a faculty meeting at the school’s Dr. David J. Mumford Media Center applauded both winners.

“I think they’re both excellent selections. The Teacher of the Year and the Employee of the Year are always voted on by the staff, and it’s certainly a great representation of type of phenomenal people we have working here,” Robinson said.

“Karrah is an exceptional teacher. Her classroom environment is incredible. She’s someone who goes above and beyond to support the kids, to support the school both with her English classes and her Yearbook classes. She’s always looking at what she can do better in her classroom and do more to support kids and teachers.

“Danielle literally is the glue that holds our school together. As the secretary, she is the person who will take on any job, any responsibility and fill in for anyone when anything is going on. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a Hawk and what it means to be someone who is all in about supporting the school and supporting our teachers and students.”

Voges, who went right back to work handing out Viera T-shirts to faculty members as they left the meeting, said there isn’t just one aspect of her job that she enjoys most.

“I like everything,” she said. “Everybody here is absolutely wonderful. Everybody is nice and helpful. You can go to anybody with anything and nobody will ever tell you no.”

Hudkins also listed a number of reasons why she enjoys being at Viera.

“The staff, the (administration), the parents and the students … it’s a big school, but a small community,” she said. “That’s what I love about it. It’s just amazing people to work with.

“I also say work for, because my students are the reason I’m here.”