Sanford company picked to replace Viera East golf course irrigation system

A Sanford, Florida company was awarded the contract to replace the irrigation system at the Viera East Golf Course in Rockledge.

The contract was awarded to Landirr Inc., a golf course construction and maintenance company, during the Dec. 2 board meeting and budget worksop of the Board of Supervisors of the Viera East Community Development District.

“The contract is about $2.340 million,” said VECDD chairman Robert Dale.

The VECDD is seeking the installation of a new, state-of-the art, two-wire irrigation system. Dale said the board selected the Toro system.

“It’s a little bit more expensive but it provides more flexibility and lower maintenance costs,” Dale said.

Timothy A. Melloh, general manager and chief operating officer for the Viera East Golf Club and VECDD, said the new irrigation system is needed because the present one is 27 years old and its pipes and sprinkler heads badly need to be replaced.

“What’s so unique about this two-wire irrigation system is that the (sprinkler) heads can talk back to the computer,” he said. “It’s the latest in state-of-the-art technology.”

The total distance of the Viera East golf course is 6,669 yards. The present irrigation system only utilizes 1,000 heads. When installed, the new system will have 1,500 heads and will irrigate the tees, greens, fairways, roughs, driving range and surrounding driveways and parking lot.

“We have 120 acres of land that needs to be irrigated,” Melloh said. “The piping will be made up of high density polyurethane and will last more than 50 years.”

Dale said construction will start May 1 and be completed by Sept. 30, just in time for the yearly snowbirds arriving to Brevard County.

“We originally were going to start construction on May 15 but we pushed up the start date to May 1because of potential rain dates,” Dale said.

Melloh said that at no time will the golf course close during the irrigation system installation.

“We’re going to do one hole at a time,” he explained. “If a golfer wants to play 18 holes, he or she may play one hole twice.”

Once the project is completed, Melloh said the golf course will make Viera East “more environmentally” better.

”We will be pumping less water but it will make the golf course and its greens in much better condition.”

Since 1985, Landirr has revolutionized the way the golf game is played by building some of the world’s most played and prestigious golf courses.

Currently, the company is replacing the irrigation system at Mallards Landing Golf Course on Lake Washington Road in Melbourne. The company also was the primary builder and renovator of all the golf courses in The Villages.

“They are a very good company,” Melloh said. “They have a lot of experience in building golf courses.”

According to the company’s website, Landirr’s services include construction, golf operations and maintenance management of athletic fields and other landscapes.

The company also specializes in new construction and the restoration of golf courses and provides end-to-end services, including everything from irrigation to the excavation to the sod.

Mike Roberts is Landirr’s CEO and owner. Its headquarters is at 202 N. Laurel Ave., Sanford. The company’s website is